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New words are fun.  See how many you know and how many you can learn.
Learn new words in Spanish and English

Learn to Type like a pro

Do you want to be a millionaire? Answer all the questions and you can go on the t.v. show.

Sing alongs, jokes, science facts, coloring and more kids fun

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The Cave of Lascaux

A Webby Award 2000 Winner (the Oscars of the Web), this site from the Ministry of Culture in France lets you take a virtual
tour of the Palaeolithic wall paintings of Lascaux. Students of all ages can explore the caves, learn more about the images in
the paintings, and discover the materials used by the artists 15,000 years ago. 

    Use the space visitor to guide you through the Modern Art wing of MOMA in New York City.

        Write a story about your trip and what you see
        Draw a picture that tells about your fun


Take a trip with Ophelia Owl and Parsifal Penquin to many different countries in the world and learn about the different people and their lives.

    Listen to the fairy tale story about a 3 year old piano player

        Hear all of his music
        Learn his real name

Explore the web using the New York Times Web Explorer

    Click around and find out about your brain       

        Totally awesome stuff your brain can do
        Learn why drugs are not good for the brain
        What animal has the biggest brain
        And other amazing facts

Become a member of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery

          You meet Sacagewea and her husband
            You battle the Grisley bears and Mosquitoes
            You find the Pacific Ocean


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Back to School Help for every subject

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Look up any word for its definition, or play fun word games each day


Stay up to date with current events!

        Take a quiz
        Do the crossword
        Find out what is happening in the world today

Have you ever been "bamboozled" or told to "get out of dodge"?  Check out what really was said at Word Spy or Word Detective.  or


Check out the Internet Public Library   

         Newspapers from around the world
        Online books and magazines
        Lots of good stuff 

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The games and tours are for any age, however the resources might only be of interest to the older child.   All sites have been previewed by the webmaster.