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Anatomy Full text and pictures of the classic Gray's "Anatomy of the Human Body"

Art  Guide to online images of works by hundreds of prominent artists

Biology  University of Arizona site, geared mostly to high schoolers

Chemistry Of the many periodic tables of elements on the Web, this one's particularly well designed.

Geography  The USGS undertakes scientific research, monitoring, remote sensing, modeling, synthesis, and forecasting to address the effects of climate and land use change on the Nationís resources.

Languages  Nice selection of free translation engines

Literature  Spectacular collection of 16,000 public domain books, including all of Shakespeare, "Moby Dick," "Aesop's Fables" and numerous religious texts.  Mostly a commercial site, but it also has hundreds of free study guides to classic literature and drama

Math  Several types of practice problems and the chance to e-mail an expert of help  Algebra practice problems  Remember flashcards?  here's an online version

Music  Links to information on music eras and genres, composers and performers, from Indiana University  Large database of music types, history, and artists

Political Science  Library of Congress site has updates on pending legislation and the daily Congressional Record


World Facts  The CIA's public compendium of inofrmation on countries worldwide, including population, government, geography, agriculture, health systems, languages and broadcast stations