Allison White says :

Just having coffee and then it's off to bridge - Monday is our day.  Right now, I'm only able to play once a week due to the time invested at the Montessori.  However, several of us are going on the Regional at Sea with Larry Cohen in December, so I'm looking forward to that getaway.
Kori and Greg have finally moved into the house that they've been building for three years.  It's not yet finished, but finished enough to allow them to escape the single-wide trailer they've been living in.  Kori suggested they just open up one wall of the trailer, tilt it up and let everything run out.  Quarters that close are tough.
As I told you, Alan just returned from Nepal and Tibet.  What I didn't mention is that TJ was with him.  Great trip for the two of them - trekking 8-10 hours a day - not for me :>).
Good to "see" you Cuz!  Hope we can play soon~