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Elizabeth and Gordon





George, Jennifer and Kye  2010

          Things are very good in California.  I am fine, happy, job's good, friends and church keep me busy.  I'm lonely for a girlfriend ( but soon I will start trying.)
     My oldest son, Tom is working in L.A. for Sony Pictures, doing special effects work for movies and TV commercials.  He's happy and loving the movie business. 
     Willie is engaged to his beautiful girlfriend, Anna Leah.  She's a tiny dark-eyed fashion designer.  Will is working for a special effects company in Berkeley, TIPPETT Studio.  He worked on the monsters in HELLBOY, and on the cats in CATWOMAN.  He's also the company's resident ILLUSTRATOR, whenever they need illustration, he gets to do it.  HE'S Ecstatic! very happy.     
     George is an electrical engineer in San Jose.  He's got a beautiful girlfriend named Jenny Hom who is a graphics artist.  (When are THEY going to get engaged?) 
     Elizabeth is in medical school at Columbia University in NY, Graduate School of Medicine, for Physical Therapy type specialty.  She is on an ADVENTURE. 
     Martha (Elder-Groebe) Domont, my ex-wife, is suffering a bit lately, she is in chemo for breast cancer.  It looks like they have it early, but this is always terrifying.  Willie and George and their girlfriends helped Martha shave her head completely last weekend, and had an encouraging party for the beautiful women that also have tried the short hair look.  They had fun. 
    I gotta run.   I love you and your family, Kim and David!!
                                    FROM  Brother Gordon in California


Dear Alexis,             11/25/02

     The Elder-Groebe's are doing GREAT!  I just fed Tommy, Will, George, and Elizabeth a BIG turkey A WEEK EARLY, because I'm going to be in Chicago on Thanksgiving.  George's girlfriend Jenny joined us.  Tom is at a new Special Effects company, doing what he did at Industrial Light & Magic at better pay and better job conditions. He is helping put together the movie Matrix Reloaded.  Willie just completed LORD of The Rings Playstation 2 video game. It's at the stores for Christmas.  He managed a team of artists and animated many of the heros and villains.  George is working hard as final test manager for an electronics manufacturer.  He has to send many products back to the drawing boards when he detects flaws in the design or operation.  He and I are in a GET IN SHAPE blood-commitment to encourage each other to get a regular workout and pump iron and run daily.   We ate a lot of pizza and beer and ice cream to SEAL the blood-commitment to getting in shape.  Elizabeth and I went hiking four miles on the mountain last Sunday.  She insists that we hang out together MORE.  So Thursday we partied and KERIOKE'd with Willie and Tom to celebrate Will's project and job ending.  I've had a wonderful breakthrough with my ex-wife Martha.  All is forgiven, she and her new husband Rob and I are able to hang-out and enjoy life with the kids and my GRANDSON KODO without any pain in my heart anymore.   Kodo and his mom Podge are fun and happy.  I'll send more news later.      LOVE   BROTHER GORDON ! ! !  p.s. I love you Alexis

Dear Alexis,    


     My people out here in California are doing very well.  I am a little exhausted from several tough months of budgeting, year end accounting closings, and year end auditors.  But I just got a "good" job appraisal from my boss.       My daughter Elizabeth appears to be staying in Marin till at least June 2002.  Wonderful.  She is SO sweet and fun, and she loves me!       Georgie is in San Jose, his high tech firm is having salary reductions, I think, but it looks like they will pull thru the tight economy, they compete with Hewlett Packard.       Willie is dancing.  He performed last weekend in a beautiful, romantic duet with a pretty girl.  And he'll perform again a different role late this month.  He loves to dance, and a friend has hooked him up with a couple dance companies who need help from time to time.       Willie also is doing well at work, moving up to leader of a team of artists and animators on a LORD OF THE RINGS type video game.  He loves it, he is passionate about hobbits and dragons and such!!!       Tommy is in CHICAGO RIGHT AT THIS MINUTE!! He may try to get hold of a Groebe or two before he returns Sunday morning.  Look for a call, and clear the decks if you can break away to see him.  He's staying in Evanston with uncle George Elder, who has a job opening in his Advertising Agency that Tommy is looking at.      I am working on a relationship with my girlfriend.   I love her.  She isn't as sure about it as I am right now .                      LOVE GORDON