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Ted Groebe earns US Navy Flight School Admission May 2018. 

Lillian M. Groebe memorial tree planting to be held October 15, 2016 at Mt. Vernon Memorial in Lemont at 10:00am.    Alleleven will be there.

Taylor Blim
in new Chicago Production of Grizzly Mama, through Oct. 15 at Rivendell Theater.

Charlie Blim and cousin Johnathan Groebe graduated from high school this year.  We all wish them success in their future endeavors.

The entire Groebe Clan mourns the death of Edward Groebe.  He was truly a rennaisannce man with the spirit most likened to a holiday.  May his next adventure be his best!

Congratulations to the 2015 Graduates:  Colin Groebe, St. Louis Law School; Taylor Blim, Depaul University;  Miles Brooks, Wauwautosa High; and Mathew Groebe, Lemont High School.

 Dorthea M. Groebe Anderson died September 20, 2014.  She was 87 years young.  Many family members gathered to remember her warm and loving nature at a memorial service held for her.  She is buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery in Lemont.

Lucy Groebe makes the news with her award winning art.  Click on link below to read all about her art projects.

Wyatt Paul McElroy born August 26, 2013 weighing in at 7 lb. 4 oz.  Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents!

Wyatt Paul

ALEX AND AMY MCELROY   newly married on August 4, 2012. 



Matt Groebe in summer tournament at Coyote Run Golf Course.  Call Dave for next event to watch Matt play golf.

Matt Groebe Golfer


David Ross McElroy has completed a new short subject film.  Click on web address to view

Alex McElroy  new job announcement as assistant city manager for Bloomington, Illinois.  Click on link to read all the details.

Cousin Arlynn
Arlynn Betz Dorn Schifferel
died February 9, 2012.  Cousin Arlynn was the loving daughter of Margaret Holman and grand-daughter of Margaret M. Groebe, who was a sister to Wm. C. Groebe, Aunt Olga, Uncle Walter, Aunt Mildred, and Uncle Ed

John M. Groebe  Marilyn and Doug Groebe's  twenty-one year old son  died suddenly on January 14, 2012.  He was a grandson of Uncle Ed Groebe.

Gaynelle Groebe Strakshus makes the headlines!  Read all about it!  Click

Chuck Groebe turns 50!  Celebrate with family and friends at "Howl at the Moon", 26 W. Hubbard on Saturday, August 6 @ 5:00pm.  RSVP Lucy.  E-mail: or 708-945-3503.

William Duncan McVicker died peacefully May 22, 2011.  A beloved uncle, father and brother of Lillian he will be missed by all of the Groebe's near and dear to him.  Memorial notes

Josh Blim Do you recognize the upcoming Short Stop for the Chicago Cubs????....the only kid with glasses...not sun glasses.  Josh Blim's travel baseball team, The Stampede (click for Pic), recently took 1st place in the Bourbanais Tounament....GO JOSH!!!!

Josh Blim is participating in a Cub Scout Ceremony Friday night that recognizes him for his 5 years of Cub Scouts and welcomes him into his new rank as a Boy Scout....
We are proud of Josh...

Lauren Groebe  Missouri Lawyers Weekly's list of major opinions for the second half of 2010 included two cases in the Juvenile Law category handled by Professor Tricia Harrison and her students in the Child Advocacy Clinic. The Clinic obtained reversals of delinquency judgments in both cases. Law student Lauren Groebe successfully argued one of the juvenile cases.  Congratulations Lauren.


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