Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again

The Lord he thought he'd make a man,
Dem bones gonna rise again,
So he took a drop of water
And took a grain of sand,
Dem bones gonna rise again

I knowed it, knowed it
Indeed I knowed it brother,
I knowed it, yeah,
Dem bones gonna rise again.

[* sing "Dem bones gonna rise again" after each line]

He took a rib from Adam's side *
Made Miss Eve to be his bride.

Put them in a garden rich and fair,
Told em to eat what they found there.

To one tall tree they must not go,
They must leave the fruit to ever grow.

Miss Eve she came a-walking round,
Spied that tree all laden down.

Serpent he came 'round the trunk;
At Miss Eve his eye he wunk.

First she took a little pull,
Then she filled her apron full.

Adam he came prowlin' round,
Spied them peelings on the ground.

Then he took a little slice,
Smacked his lips and said "How nice"!

The Lord then rose up in His wrath,
Told them to "beat it down the path".

He said to Adam "Dis de end!
You no longer is my friend."